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Prettygate Schools

Opening the gate to success


Phonics & Reading


Phonics is a systematic approach to teaching early reading and writing. At Prettygate, it is taught through the DfE’s validated systematic synthetic phonics programme of ‘Read Write Inc.’, which is designed to ensure rapid progress in reading and writing for every child. Phonics lessons are energetic and enjoyable (just ask the children!) and begin as soon as they start school with single sounds, progressing to developing fluency and comprehension. Children take home reading books that are expertly matched to their phonics attainment, to consolidate their learning because, as we say at Prettygate, ‘Practice makes perfect’!



Building on from phonics, children become increasingly competent in word reading and comprehension skill. Both of these are essential for children to be able to read fluently and confidently in any subject. At Prettygate Schools, teachers have a clear understanding that reading skills are integral to developing vocabulary, feeding imagination and nurturing curiosity. In our whole class reading sessions, children are encouraged to read widely and are exposed to a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts, in addition to daily opportunities to practise the skill of reading across our curriculum. A love of reading is further embedded through events such as visits to the library, author visits, lunchtime story clubs, World Book Day and daily story time.